"To be recognized as a reference and an example in the areas of services and international business consulting , serving with quality in active markets through the constant pursuit of knowledge, ensuring the continuity of our history."

"To support, advise and orient companies and professionals from different segments in negotiations at the national and international markets, facilitating and adding value to their enterprises, focusing on continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction."

-Get Customer preference;

-To motivate and interact so that people are respected, engaged and fulfilled;

- To obtain the excellence through simplicity;

-Strategy Based on results;

-To remain straightaway in front of the most diverse audiences;

-Social economic and environmental -Sustainability.

Maringá Trading Comex is a 100% Brazilian company founded from the vision of administrative, accounting and legal consultants, to provide customers a high quality service chosen by them and also from the necessity to orient the companies in their phases and project developments.

Supporting clients with adjustable solutions for their enterprises levels, as well as the maturity time that each company is or want to reach, the Maringa Trading Comex has been outstanding in assisting national and international businesses, based on their professional skills in:

- Foreign Trade (Imports and Exports);

- Legal and Accounting Support;

- Tax Analysis;

- Customs clearance;

- Management of new business, HR Management, Marketing Management, among others;

- Consulting in Public and Private Management;

- National and International Missions and Events;

- Support for deploying certifications and standards, among others.

Services are rendered differently in the active market.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals from technical, administrative and consulting areas, with an extensive experience in their specialties; working in an integrated way supported by modern and fast techniques and practices for product management, administration and customer service.

Maringá Trading Comex, orienting your choice!